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Quota International all began in 1919, right here in Buffalo, NY. Quota links people of all ages, nationalities, and occupations in a worldwide network of service and friendship.

With a motto of  “we share,” Quotarians are known especially for their service to disadvantaged women and children and to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and speech-impaired

History of Quota

Quota International was founded by a group of five women in Buffalo after they attended a 1918 Kiwanis Club meeting.

"As women, they wanted to do something similar for the community," said Bernie Schott, a previous President of Quota of Amherst.

Quota was established by Wanda Frey Joiner as the first president. She chartered the very first Quota club in Buffalo, NY on May 5th, 1919 and the first meeting was held in the Lafayette Hotel in downtown Buffalo.

One item remained to be filled in on the articles of incorporation  that would ultimately give birth to Quota Club International, Inc. (now known as Quota International, Inc.). That item—a proper name that reflected the ideals of the five original members. They determined the name should be short, memorable, and not likely to be confused with any current organization. 

One founding member, paging through the dictionary, came upon the Latin word, "quota," meaning "a share of one part to a whole." The founders latched onto this idea as a true reflection of their mission.

Quota became international when Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada chartered a club in 1925. Known as one of the oldest service organizations for women, today Quota has clubs in 13 countries worldwide which include men and youth from North America, South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and Europe.

See http://quotainternational.org for more details.

Quota of Amherst

Quota of Amherst got its start in 1942 when a group of woman gathered to serve coffee, donuts and cigarettes when the troop trains came through Buffalo during the war. 

Quota of Amherst was the first woman's group to be honored in their community. 

As our members travel through our community, it amazes us as to how many people have never heard of Quota, do not know who Quota is or how we impact not only our community, but also the world at large.

In November 2012 we were pleased to unveil for the very first time, a video project we worked on that tells a story about our club and introduces you to who we are and how we change lives. Check us out on Youtube at Quota International of Amherst, NY 

Other WNY communities with Quota Clubs include Batavia, Bath, East Aurora, and Hamburg, which along with Amherst, make up Quota's 17th District. 

Think About Joining Us Today!!!!

What floats your boat? That’s right, what attracts or interests you in the things you do?

  • Do you get involved because you want personal or professional development?
  • Do you want to belong to a group of folks you have something in common with or one that will allow you to meet new friends?
  • Or perhaps you want to make a contribution to the greater good...to make a difference in the world.

If any of these reasons hit a hot button, why not check us out by attending a meeting or special event. You won’t want to miss this very cool opportunity.

Some of the groups we work with and who have benefited from our efforts include St. Mary’s School for the Deaf, Canine Helpers for the Handicapped, WNY Heroes, Hearing Evaluation Services, Family Justice Center, Mercy Flight, Child Advocacy Center, Gerard Place, Haven House, Niagara Reading Services, Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. and Kathleen Mary House just to name a few. Additionally we award a scholarship annually to a local graduate student majoring in Communications Studies for the deaf.            

Quota members share the values of serving and encouraging others, developing friendships, and promoting international understanding and goodwill!

 Please contact us by filling out the information on this site's Contact Us page!

We look forward to hearing from you.

For further information, please contact me, Kathy Bucierka, at 716-863-4226



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